Dani is a 24 year old autistic, queer and non-binary artist from Eora/Sydney, Australia. They work across the mediums of ceramics, drawing and photography. Their art explores themes of identity, gender, neurodiversity and disability as well as objects of sentimentality and comfort. They often reference texts and cartoons such as The Little Prince and Adventure Time, as well as children’s toys and includes childlike overtones as a way of maintaining a considered mix of light-heartedness and emotional depth in their work. 

Dani completed their Bachelor of Fine Art majoring in ceramics and with studies in photography and drawing at The Art National Art School in 2019 and have gone on to found Fluid Thinking Magazine in 2020 and hold a ceramics solo show at AIRspace Projects in 2021.

This year they are working on printing the first physical issue of Fluid Thinking Magazine and making ceramics works for a group show they are curating inspired by the colour blue. 







Photo by Maya Bartlet