I know ya'll are conditioned to take artist statements to be more important that the artist's work itself but I'm here to let you know you've been tricked!!!!!!! It is actually really good for the artist's ego to not take themselves too seriously, especially seeing as no one (in Australia) is going to take you (the artists) seriously.

An artist's ego can be managed by not writing your artist statement in 3rd person with excessive art lingo. Yes even if you are selling your paintings for $5000+ and are represented by a gallery that treats you the same way an abusive boyfriend would. DO NOT EVEN LOOK AT OTHER GALLERIES YOU'RE WITH ME. Unless you're interstate, what happens interstate stays interstate ;)  


Here is an image of me (the artist) hugging a cat who is sitting inside a box

Screen Shot 2020-02-08 at 8.41.08 pm.png